Witches and Pagans Unwritten Rules

Although there are no hard fast rules or dictation to being a Pagan or a Witch, there may possibly be a few unwritten rules. One main one could possibly be having respect for others and the world around us , but also having respect for ourselves. You can not always blame others for your thoughts, words or deeds although, naturally , there are exceptions to every rule. If as Witches or Pagans we do wrong , which we all will occasionally do, it is up to us to try and rectify the wrong doing.

There is much to learn in the world and in the craft , as life in itself is a complete learning curb. We can not always expect others to feed us information, we therefor may have to have to seek to expand out knowledge and extend our skills by personal effort. The majority of Witches and Pagans are wise enough to know that they will never know enough, let alone know it all. Personal development can include such things as expanding our personal skills and attributes, ironing out our personal misconceptions and problems , and working to become the best we can. Witchcraft can involve a course of personal study and exploration that will never cease.

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