ORACLE OF THE GODDESS SARASVATI     In order to awaken our spiritual bodies, we need to study the mystical four elements, not listed by materialist scientists. “Earth” signifies our bones, which conserve the Life Essence. “Water”, denoting the flow of our blood, circulates the Life Flow, activating the Third[…]

Evening Rite of the Five Elements

You can use this to create your personal or group Charge of the Goddess. Find a quiet, safe place for meditation where you will not be disturbed and can fall asleep without coming to any harm, if you naturally drift from a meditative to a sleep state. Choose a time[…]

A Goddess Meditation

Charges are declarations of the powers of the gods or godesses involved in the ritual, and are in themselves empowering and a way of linking the practitioner’s own divine spark with that represented by the Divinity. They are similar to creeds in a Christian religious service. The Charge of the[…]

The Charge of the Goddess

These goddesses are for transformation rituals, for endings that become beginnings and for accepting what cannot be changed. Cailleach Cailleach, meaning’ the Veiled One’, is the Celtic name for a number of hag goddesses. These are powerful crone goddesses, who have retained their early associations with the winter. For example,[…]

Wise Woman Deities

As well as wisdom, these gods and goddesses are for knowledge, truth and justice. Athena Athena, or Athene, daughter of Zeus, is goddess of wise counsel, both in peace and war, of intelligence, reason, negotiation and all forms of the arts and literature. The owl is her sacred bird and[…]

Deities of wisdom

Aesculapius Aesculapius was a healer, son of Apollo and the mortal Corona, who lived during the eleventh century BC, and became a god after Zeus killed him with a thunderbolt for raising the dead. The first shrine dedicated to Aesculapius was built in Athens in the fifth century BC by[…]

Deities Of Healing

Invoke these deities for rituals involving all aspects of the environment and for healing the planet. Gaia Gaia is the all-embracing and all-nourishing goddess of the Earth. It is said that she supplies in her bounty all the necessary plants to cure any disease and, in spite of human pollution,[…]

Deities Of The Environment

These gods and goddesses bring psychic self-defence, protection, righteous anger against injustice, also change, regeneration and survival. These deities are very powerful and should only be invoked in their most positive aspects for the purpose of defending the weak and never for revenge or personal anger. Experienced witches call on[…]

Deities Of Power

These deities may be invoked in rituals involving not only change but also good fortune. Oya Oya is the African goddess, also known as Yoruba, who rules the winds and so controls the winds of change. She oversees trading and the marketplace, and brings good fortune to all honest traders[…]

Deities Of Change

These deities can be invoked in rituals concerning the family and the home. Frigg Frigg was the Viking Mother Goddess whose jewelled spinning wheel formed Orion’s belt; as patroness of marriage, women, mothers and families, she can be invoked for all rituals concerned with families and domestic happiness. She invited[…]

Deities Of Marriage

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