Every magical circle is divided into four quarters that are in ceremonial magick called the Watchtowers. The higher essences who protect the quarters are invoked as the Guardians, who control and direct the elemental powers. Sometimes they are called Kings, sometimes Devas, or they may be pictured as the four[…]

The Four Quarters Of The Circle

Earth  Generally called from the North  Considered cool and dry and is associated with the melancholic temperament  Represents the solid state of matter  Corresponds to the physical part of ourselves, our physical body, and rules the elder state of life.  Rules the intestines  Rules[…]

Elemental Correspondence

ORACLE OF THE GODDESS SARASVATI     In order to awaken our spiritual bodies, we need to study the mystical four elements, not listed by materialist scientists. “Earth” signifies our bones, which conserve the Life Essence. “Water”, denoting the flow of our blood, circulates the Life Flow, activating the Third[…]

Evening Rite of the Five Elements

Earth Spell: Place the appropriate herbs in a bag and take it to a wild place. With your hands dig a small hole in the Earth and pour the herbs into it. Visualize your need strongly. Cover your herbs and leave the area. It is done. Air Spell: Stand in an open[…]

Elemental spells 

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