Magic Workings

Magic has been defined as the ability to create change by force of will and in some respects is not dissimilar to the power of prayer. However in Magic it is our personal intervention which may create the change around us. Magic is not just like cookery , as in just a matter of following a recipe and getting a result. True magic requires a deep understanding of ourselves and the energies that are around us, and the ability to control and focus on our own energies. One of the greatest keys to this is the ability to visualize. It also requires a study and understanding of the elements of Earth, Air , Water and Fire.

The Magic we practice is not that of the stage , conjuring up special effects that you may see so often in many films. It is practiced to heal, protect and enhance our lives. It is worked for ourselves and those around us as well as possibly those who come to us with requests for help.


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