Formal Magick , VS, Natural Magick

Formal Magick uses traditional rituals and beautiful made tools to control magickal energies, whilst natural magick uses tools made from natural materials , such as wood, clay,herbs , beeswax or crystals . Normally the tools in natural Magick are very simple because they are secondary to the setting of the spell or ritual. For where is it possible natural magick is performed outdoors , winter or summer, rain or shine, whether in woodlands, on the seashore or in your garden. You can in really bad weather or if it was not safe of feasible  to cast spells outdoors practice natural magick inside your home by bringing in flowers , herbs , berries and linking your magick to what is happening outside the window.

Sometimes on a seasonal festival or on a personal rite , like hand fasting ( Pagan Wedding) you may carry out quite an elaborate outdoor ritual . However it may be true to say that Ritual magickal practitioners and covens do work outdoor where possible.

So natural magick involves a difference of emphasis and location, but adheres to all the traditions of magick.

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