Differences Between Spells and Rituals

In practice the terms “Spells” and “Rituals are used interchangeably in Magick

A spell tends to be a less formal kind of magick , ususally cast for a specific purpose or need. For example a spell can be used to protect a named traveler ( maybe yourself or family member) on a particular journey or trip for a specified length of time. The energies are raised then released so they will bounce back to activate the purpose if the spell which has been represented by a symbol of that journey. This physical focus of the spell may be used in natural magick by some physical object , such as a feather or some chopped herbs to symbolize travel.

In contrast a ritual is usually based on a more general or long lasting focus. A ritual may be carried out at specific time, for example , the first day of spring , or to celebrate the birth of a baby. A ritual , even in natural magic , follows a more structured format.

What is more, where as a spell builds up to a climax and release of energy, the ritual may release energy more evenly through the week or months ahead.

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