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Mother Redcap

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Mother Redcap A name applied to English ale-wives, wise women and witches. It was also given to familiar animals. One Mother Redcap was an elderly woman who lived in a village about 14 miles from Cambridge, England, who was known as a witch. She said she was endowed with her witch powers in circumstances reminiscent of the Devil’s pact legends …

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Can you be a Christian Witch?

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Can you be a Christian Witch? Can you be a Christian Witch? And, while we are on the topic: Can you be a Christo-pagan? A Christo-eclectic? or a Christian Wiccan? The simple answer is: yes. But since a simple answer never clarifies anything complex…we shall have to go on to the complex answer. The reason it is not an oxymoron …

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Types of Modern Witches

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Types of Modern Witches This is a list of Witch types and a brief description of each. This is not all the types of Witches out there, not even close. This list does not include all the possible religions these Witches may follow either, though some of them are considered religions as well types of Witches. Gardnerian Witch The Gardnerian …

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Lycanthropy The transformation of a human being into a wolf. There are two types of lycanthropy: a mania in which a person imagines himself to be a wolf and exhibits a craving for blood; and the magical-ecstatic transformation of a person into a werewolf (“man-wolf,” from the Old English wer, man, plus wolf), usually accomplished with ointments or magical charm …

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Leek, Sybil  (1923–1983)

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Leek, Sybil  (1923–1983) English witch and astrologer who moved to America in the 1960s and gained fame by publicizing the renaissance of witchcraft in the Western world. Her trademarks were a cape, loose gowns and a jackdaw named Mr. Hotfoot Jackson who perched on her shoulder. She always wore a crystal necklace, passed on to her, she said, by her …

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Knots The tying and untying of knots is used to bind and release energy in many folk magic spells and formulas. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks tied knots in cords for love spells. The “knot of Isis,” a red jasper amulet wound in the shroud of royal Egyptian mummies, summoned the protection of Isis and her son Horus for the …

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Jack-o’-Lantern A phosphorescent light seen in marsh and swamp areas, which in folklore is either the manifestation of a malicious lost soul or a death omen. Jacko’-lantern is known by various names, including will-o’-the-wisp and corpse light (England); fairy light and fox fire (Ireland). According to most legends, the jack-o’-lantern is a wandering soul who has been denied entry into …

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Ishtar The great mother Goddess of ancient Assyrian and Babylonian mythology. Ishtar was said to be either the daughter of the sky god, Anu, or the Moon god, Sin. Over the course of time, Ishtar absorbed the characteristics of other goddesses and so represents different aspects. Worship of her spread throughout the Middle East, Greece and Egypt. She was an …

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Iron In folklore, one of the best charms against witches, sorcerers, demons and other evil spirits. In Europe, folklore holds that witches cannot pass over cold iron, and burying an iron knife under the doorstep of one’s house will ensure that no witch will ever enter. In some rural locales, iron has been used to protect entire villages. In India, …

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The Real SECRET:

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The Real SECRET: Let Go………Surrender.A huge key to letting go is knowing that life will give you something better than whatever it asks you to give up. It is the secret of being fearless, of being at peace with yourself. … When you realise that life is one beautiful whole movement, a flow that cannot contradict itself, that is not …