A Magickal Warning

Like any spiritual force , magick is neutral, what ever its form. In the past and even today in some parts of the world, formal religion can be used to justify all kinds of cruelty and intolerance. Magick used for dark purposes can really all be about power and at times people may hide behind the name and practices of witch craft to abuse the vulnerable, be it physically sexually or psychologically.

In alot of cases these people  are not really devil worshipers like they claim to be, but may have watches some nasty inaccurate horror film about satanism and then get themselves into all kinds of physiological as well as physic minefields,  not to mention the harm they may do to others as well as themselves and the name of witchcraft.

Almost as harmful as in terms of misinformation and causing Psychological damage , though not always intentionally. are witch cult films that glorify special effect spells with fire , sulphur ,  blood sacrifices, ritual sex and medieval demons to grant their wishes.

There are many cases of distressed teenagers as well as other people who have called up ancient demons from a so called online grimore who has gone along for a private initiation of some self styles magnus or high priestess they may of met in a pub or from behind their keyboards

To the majority of witches all life is sacred , right down to the most tiny insect. If you are looking for wild sexual rituals , forget witch craft , you would be better of joining a swingers club. You are far more likely to get a list of herbs to learn or the altar to polish at your local coven than an invitation to attend a moorland orgy.

You can be sure if you are offered instant initiation in some lonely place or after a few private lessons that there is something possibly not quite right.

Natural magick is by simplicity naturally protective and reassuring. However in case we do get intoxicated by our own powers , floods , whirlwinds, earth tremors and volcanoes area sharp reminder that we work with and do not control mother nature.


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